PureSight Owl 2011

Protect your kids from the worst of the net


  • Limit various aspects of kids' time online
  • View all changes in program logs
  • Protect settings with password
  • Block certain programs
  • Real time alerts


  • Not a replacement for parental supervision

Very good

PureSight is a program that lets you breathe easy while your children surf the net.

With PureSight you have total control over what is allowed and what is not and how and when your kids access the internet. For example, cyber-bullying protection is a default setting, but you can choose themes and words that will also restrict chat conversations.

PureSight also filters web pages by content, making content you deem inappropriate inaccessible – explicit content, for instance. All changes that are made via the program can be viewed in the program logs.

Interestingly, PureSight not only protects from online threats, but also from problems that can arise inside the home – for example, you can limit the time your children spend at the computer and chatting, etc.

If you’re worried about how and when your child is accessing the internet, PureSight will help your peace of mind.



PureSight Owl 2011

User reviews about PureSight

  • by Anonymous

    I believe PureSight is SO helpful. I like it alot. I feel secure that websites or post are NOT coming...   More